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Our son, launched in October 2018.
Self-iterating to the next century


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What are we doing?

After working on different projects in different companies over the past couple of years, we reached a point where we felt the urge to start our own business. We want to solve problems and create products that we would want to use ourselves.
The name 12plus1 got inspired by Pieter Level's 12 startups in 12 months challenge. We read his MAKE book and got really motivated to start something similar.
The "plus1" is our son Oskar, who will be born in October 2018. Raising him and making products at the same time will be our journey for the next year and onwards.

Areas of interest

As already mentioned, we will focus on topics that affect us personally.

Building products
We will observe ourselves while we are building the first products and try to identify areas where we think we can offer a better solution to obstacles that come up along the way when you are building products/startups from scratch.

Another area that affects us right now is pregnancy and parenthood. In contrast to startups and building products, where we are already quite experienced, we have no clue about handling a child yet. But that is actually a good position to be in, because you can ask yourself the right questions, that can result in better products for beginners like us.

Other areas
Making music, decision making, gaming, self organizing, …


There are plenty of reasons why we think starting our own company is a great idea:

  • We really enjoy working together
  • Being in control of the direction a product or even a company as a whole takes, seems very compelling to us
  • We both love learning new skills. This is sometimes hard to do when you have a very specific job position with specific tasks.
  • Apart from developing we also like to work creatively, and this is usually just a small part of the daily job of an iOS developer.
  • It would be great to work on products that solve problems we experience ourselves. This would not only make our lives easier, but possibly also that of other people, because, let's face it, we are not that unique.
  • Working on your own terms while having a kid makes you very flexible in terms of time and location management.
  • We like to be as independent as possible. Listening, understanding and reacting to our users should be the only restriction from the outside.
  • Startups can be a hell of a ride, so why not try to embrace the adventure. :D

Why now?

After getting the news that we will be parents, we started thinking about how we could split the parental leave time and what we could do to use that time best. We figured that it might be a great opportunity to use this time to start our own company, because in Germany you get financial support for a parental leave time of up to 14 months.

Who are we?


Hey, I'm Olli. I've been a developer and designer since 2006, mainly working as a freelancer. I was also an early employee and iOS Lead Developer in several startups. In my free time I've always been working on side projects in different areas, including OSX and iOS apps and games. I'm interested in creative, explorative and new things to do, that's why I'm really looking forward to the upcoming year.
Totally unrelated, but go play Subnautica. It's technically not perfect but it's the most exciting game I've played in years!


Hello, I am Hannah, an iOS developer mostly working in startups. I started programming while i was still studying Geophysics in 2009. After finishing my Master thesis (about 🌋s on Hawaii) in 2014 i started working fulltime as an iOS developer.
I have also worked on different side projects in the past but always found it pretty hard to do that while still working in a fulltime job. So i am really excited to be able to focus on 12plus1 for the upcoming year.